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Thread: Crusaders And lag

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    Crusaders And lag

    Since the Update black crusaders are randomly appearing and disappearing. Players thought they were gone for good then they came Back. Then they disappeared again.

    The lag is extremely bad. It takes about two minutes for the game to load for everyone. After that if you leave and reenter for any reason it takes another minute or so to stop Loading with the snowflake.


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    Now the game does not load at all. All players have been kicked out and maintenance has resumed. CS any clue when we'll be able to play again?

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    Due to a system malfunction, players encountered the server lag issue after the 1.27.2 update, causing series login problems. Our devs team is now trying to identify the issue asap, and we put a 24 hr bubble on Monday, 21 December 2015, 18:30:00 UTC for all players, please try to avoid any possible actions that may cause bubble pop if you can get in by chance. We will post compensation in game as soon as we fix this issue. We are sorry about the inconvenience caused by this. Thanks for your understanding!

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    As for the Crusaders, this might be that the resources is still downloading. If you could log in now, we kindly suggest you to check if this issue happens again. Thanks!

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