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    Lightbulb Newbie Fast Build guide

    Build guide:
    So have you ever seen those VIP players that are ten times bigger than you and wonder how they did it? I have one word for you my friends… hypers. What is a hyper you might ask? I have gotten this question more times than I can possibly count and the easy answer: they are awesome alts or your main if you’re in a good guild.

    A hyper is an account that is aimed to only gain one resource. For example I have hypers for steel, energy, and oil. I also have a food account that is geared towards producing cash and food (made up of all food rss with only one of each of steel, energy, oil fields with a lot of mints and barely any troops). The best players that you see growing the quickest are fed by their hypers.

    There are two ways to set yourself up:

    1. Make your guild a hyper guild… Get a group of your closest friends together and have each of you build only one resource in your fields (obviously in order to upgrade other buildings you need to leave one of each of the other types of resources). That way when anyone needs something it is right there you just have to ask. You will all grow super quick without any money needed.
    2. Make your own hypers. This can be done in many ways. You can have 20 small accounts or you can be like me and have 4-6 bigger accounts that produce millions a day. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to ask for resources for each upgrade you do? Duh.. However… this does take a lot more time and work than option one. You will never regret it though. Not to mention you want to get all of your hypers as high as possible.. so that means they produce t3 troops as well. Then you can reinforce yourself with them in pvp and be a force to be reckoned with

    Now, when it comes to setting up your base there are many different ways to go about it. It all depends on what you’re aiming for. Troop training speed? Protection of your troops so that you’re never zeroed? I’m always asked “how many garages should you have.” The simple answer is it depends on the player. The big VIP guys tend to only have one garage because there’s just no way they see them being helpful and they want to produce troops quickly. Here are a few different ways I’ve seen bases successfully set up:

    1. 7-9 Garages, 1-2 armories, the rest mints. This means that you can make around 2k-3k t3 with a level 15 base, but also cover a good amount of troops in the case of an attack. The bad part to this method is that troops may not train necessarily as quickly as you’d want, but that is where commander points come into play.
    2. 1 Garage, 3-5 armories, the rest mints. This is a good set up for troop training speed as mints are essentially maximized and mints speed up troop production. The bad part to this method is that if you get hit badly you lose everything and have to start all over. For big spenders this is the preferred choice because they can buy their way back in. I have never seen a low vip or no vip player use this method.
    3. The balance. With an even amount of armories, garages, and mints. I don’t see anything really good coming from playing this way, but it is how the game makers aim for new players to set up their bases. Once your armories get too high you start producing vast amounts of troops… good thing right? But with LONG training times. So just don’t do this :P

    Another idea... pay attention to the player and global events!! If you can get more speed ups by speeding up a troop train or a build from the event than you spend to get it DO IT!!! I hope this can help a few of the newer players out… and if you guys have questions I’d be happy to answer them or help you with other aspects of the game.

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    The hypers fields are shown below. These are just a couple of examples, but the general picture is illustrated. These hypers are stop relatively young, but still give me a few million rss a day.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Screenshot_2015-12-22-07-32-29.jpg   Screenshot_2015-12-22-07-22-47.jpg   Screenshot_2015-12-22-07-22-52.jpg   Screenshot_2015-12-22-07-16-37.jpg  

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    Allie...I would add another option. Having built several bases successfully, I have come up with a system I like. When low level, I use one garage, one armory and the rest mints. This speeds unit cook times dramatically. As my troop count grows, I upgrade the garage to keep my troops up with the max capacity. As troop counts continue to grow, eliminate a mint and replace with a garage as needed. Currently my hq21 has one armory, 3 mints and 11 garages. The single armory is key to production speed because you cook fewer at a time,but at faster rates. Then, when you hit troop counts approaching 2 million, you can consider eliminating some garages to once again make mints to speed up production again. It seems complicated,but works amazingly well. Production speed and troop security will be a constant compromise till you reach army sizes that discourage players from attacking with all but the biggest rallies.

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