Due to the system failure, you may encountred problems including dropping off frequently from the game, being refused to log in and etc.

Our dev team is fixing these problems right now, please be a bit patient during the process of solving problems. After we sort out these problem, we will inform you as soon as possible and make the compensation worth 20,000 diamonds. The compensation includes as follows:

- Food 5000,000 X 12
- Oil 150,000 X 5
- Energy 150,000 X 5
- Steel 150,000 X 5
- 60 minutes Speed up X 18
- 3 Hours Speed up II X 12
- Common Gift Box X 3
- 2000 Diamonds X 1

We feel deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by these porlbem,and thanks for your understanding and suport.

If you have any problems or suggestions, pleased click "More"->"Customer Service"

Invasion High Command