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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.27.2

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    Ten thousand why my phone was not diamonds must be vertical not horizontal main theme for this game we have no reason Turkish flag Turkish flag as the main theme for us to spend money

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    Proplem hata hellp

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    Glad to be part of invasion. Can't wait for new guild buildings. Really would like to have a zone open in a reasonable standing for my time zone though. While guild can't jump at 2 to 4 am everytime.

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    Looping good but more gain for rebell please ici is to difficulté

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    One word. Awesome!!
    Keep it up.

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    Its sabil that is Ok The Best game ever i play

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    Hasta el momento... llevo 3 horas jugando de largo jaja... muy bueno

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    Is awesome i loved Teaker #86/Ancient Egypt

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    Sehr gut hier mehr Spracheinstellungen wären schön

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