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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.27.2

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    There is still an issue with the chat rooms losing all its content and while your in the chat room the app sometimes will send a popup screen saying that there was some unknown magnetic field that caused a malfunction please start the game over.

    Also it would be nice to be able to forward messages in chat or mail, that you have received, to other players. This comes especially useful when showing proof to another for actions taken by a player.

    8eightball8 Zone 87

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    its good! Need more of the Santa items. Not everyone can afford to blow diamonds just to get these items.

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    Oyun cok güzel tavsiye ederim ama işte Telefonda cok sarj gidiyor

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    😊I love benefits of Christmas 😉

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    It's awesome so far guys good job and keep up the good work

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    I like the changes as it is winter, but would like the color of who owns the tiles a darker color so we can see it over the snow.

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    Sucked at first but after bugs were worked out I like it

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