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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.27.2

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    User Name: Raze61
    Zone: 34

    I actually really enjoyed the new theme and music. It was a nice change. The first strike rebels were a great way to gain rewards and should be used again. The current event with wine and ginger bread is another great example.

    I didn't like the initial server issues that hindered gameplay. We also still don't have guild events back. I would like to see the military court and grave yard become functional. Along with the additional guild buildings.

    In the end, themed holiday events like this are great, and should continue in the future. All and all good job.

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    Great game! I truly enjoy and look forward to playing this game every day. I am fairly new and so I didnt have so much time to try the game before the update to compare the two versions. The Christmas theme is great! I was confused by getting an item called santa's "sledge" lol. And I couldnt find any bells for the life of me. The wine and gingerbread are plentiful and I think I should be able to put together enough christmas boxes (14 or 15) to collect the highest prize on that event. The sand table game is ridiculous in my opinion. I rolled the dice about 5 times, 1250 diamonds!, and the loot I recieved back was quite minimal. Totally not worth it! Speaking of diamonds... I think the diamond mine should be easier. Possibly by being able to link up with other members of your guild with an in game friend button, rather than have to try to find eachother on facebook and send invites.. That is just not happening. I havent talked to anyone that is utilizing this feature! And to have to wait until your HQ is at lvl 25 until you can upgrade is quite a stretch as well.
    Thanks for asking for our opinions and listening. And many thanks for am awesome game!
    Username: SodMDisdain
    Zone: 103

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    Love the game. Would like to have some kind of timer system for things like shields.

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    Hello T4F,

    I quite liked the scenery and the events in this update. I do have some suggestions though.

    Your packages are too expensive. More would be bought if they were cheaper, especially the larger ones.

    The Sandtable event is too expensive at 250 diamonds a go.

    A small improvement for me would be increments for the units when you are sending them for an attack, that the slider would snap to, for a quarter or a half of the available units.

    Other than that I enjoy the game and I look forward to future updates.

    Many thanks

    Jambo1944, Z105.

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    Love this game! It's soo fun and much better than the other version (which appears to be forgotten by t4f!!)

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    It's starting to look alot like g.o.w let's do something different

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    Why would a lvl 8 hq glory event so high . I don't even have t2 research. Over 500 k for the 3 reward wtf

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