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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.27.2

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    Lightbulb Leave your comments on 1.27.2

    Invasion 1.27.2 version is already online! What do you think about the new content in this update? Your suggestions are what we focus on and your advice is what spurs us on, please let your opinions be known! No matter whether it is to do with in-game bugs, or troublesome controls which frustrate you, well look into every issue you bring up and make the required adjustments.

    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	643

    Activity Time: From 23/12 at 10:30 UTC to 27/12 at 15:55 UTC

    Activity Details: Please leave your suggestions and advice for the new version in the comments section, along with your character name and zone number.

    Activity Rewards: After the activity ends, well pick out 20 random players who have left version improvement comments and game info, and reward them with 1,000 diamonds.

    1.You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2.Rewards will be distributed within 4 days after the event ending.

    Thank you for your support of Invasion!

    Invasion High Command

    ================================================== ================================

    Here is the winner list:

    DJ Khaled - 67
    TheMartian - 76
    Promethious1 - 59
    VRexZ - 112
    EyeOfParis69 - 11
    RebakMan - 81
    mohcen - 111
    9Art Dragon - 28
    Peacemaker4 - 79
    Kiltmaker - 44
    TH0R 1 - 76
    Teamworker - 60
    SodMDisdain - 103
    Jambo1944 - 105
    Samat 717 - 107
    Stalk - 55
    RKSalb - 98
    pepper 99 - 40
    NumedianX - 108

    Rewards will be delivered in 48 hours, please wait in patience.

    Enjoy the game!

    Invasion High Command

    28th Dec, 2015

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    Looking good so far keep it up.

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    Love it now zone is gonna be working hate the restart rebel

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    Only problems so far is that the rebels spawn under the name Stephen chow across all zones, the translator doesn't always work, and the block function is blocking. Other than that the update is great

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    The new version is tougher on the eyes . It's been nothing but problems right from the start. Couldn't play for 24 hours then it was still slow. Even now still lags from time to time. And now rebel restart. Makes it hardly worth playing anymore. Put up a version that is tried and tested properly that runs well and LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!

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    Thus far just little glitches here and there and the lag time for in game play and account switching is way too long. All in all I think it's a pretty good update at this point. I have had a ton of players get burnt out and leave the game and their toons abandoned because of all the issues which is sad but us die hard will keep the invasion tradition alive... thanks
    VENOM RC 44
    ZONE 76

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    Thats really good man

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    Compensation was good but it was very frustrating trying to log in for over 24 hours. I feel this is embarrassing to have happen and shouldn't happen.

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    This is a great game so far, it reminds me of the first time I ever played a online battle game called EVONY, I couldn't put it down.

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    Great, great, great !! Design is very good and animations and contests are numerous and interesting.
    Thanks a lot and Merry Chrismas & Happy New Year 👍👍👍

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