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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.27.2

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    Can allowed players to go other zone with same power and new update is great

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    Der Schnee ist Hinderlich Beim Sehen von BŘndnisfelder. ( Farbe Beides Wei▀ ) . sonst Super spiel

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    I think the new version is a lot of fun... With that said, I would like to see some improvements on the shields. And better notification system for the owner when a shield is going to go off line... A way to automatically extend the shield if you own, have purchased additional shields...

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    It's called a sleigh, NOT a sledge! Lol

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    Se reinicio rebeldes perdida de puntos y muy bonita la decoracion muy buenos los cruzados negros

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    Gayet ho■ bir gŘncelleme oldu oyun šok daha zevk veriyor invasion thank you,

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    Not bad... Other than the server issue a few days ago, I love this update

    DJ Khaled
    Z 67

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    It's awesome and it runs faster now

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    The game looks amazing, and I've noticed that the connection is much more smother.

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