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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.27.2

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    not satisfied, too many bugs, too lag....

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    We want less less aesthetics and more working gameplay. Stop adding so much stuff. Work on the things that we have already and for the love of god stop adding so much content. Add things like a slot to upgrade two buildings at once and the ability to reduce our research through other means than just officers and speedups. Give out % reductions somehow. We don't need anymore officers, we sure as hell don't need snow. Also Blackmarket is one way, we can only buy with coins. Add in a feature where we can sell items to the Blackmarket and get coins from it.

    HARBINGER Zone 8

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    I love it. The whole theme is awesome. The bugs were a bit of a drag but whats new that doesnt come with them am i right? Lol. Cant wait till New Years... i think "alien rebels" and alien officers would be a great twist. New age haha. Well thank you for all your hard work and your efforts 👍... but the alien theme though cmon everyone would love it! Merry Christmas High Command! TheMartian. Zone #76
    Last edited by Apollo Ablaze; 12-23-2015 at 11:02 AM. Reason: I spelled -theme- wrong lol

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    Game keeps crashing, have to redo rebels as they don't work, yeah it's greaaaaaaaaat............NOT!!!!!!!!!

    Sort it out before even more people walk away, cause I'm close to deleting your app

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    China guys have name like only strange symbols... Is impossible to know him, but they can see my name. Is not a good thing.

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    Absolutely pathetic. Far too many problems with this new version. You reset the rebels and I am absolutely certain that you will not give me the 1000 action points I would need to get back to where I was before you stole my progress from me. I, like many here, are diamond buyers. That means that we pay your salaries and make your company profit. Treat us with respect. You are not the only game like this on the market. You would do well to remember that. Promethious1 #59

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    where do u want me start?? update wank,,nothing works constantly kicked server crashes,,19hr maintained,rebels reset to 0 you wasted my saved points Who the FUCK is Stephen Chow ?? all our rebels his,,Not 1 budget Christmas pk chest offered on my account all gold and do you seriously expect me to spend 112k diamonds for gold on that consumption event are u on this planet?? that £200 English pounds. and you give 24 hrs lmao you tossers truely are idiots...good luck keeping this game alive cos u truely have Fked it up know...lmao

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    There should be an option to sell Christmas items for gems, that way those of us that don't have the time to sit around and collect these things all day still have a sense of accomplishment as we find them.

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    Looking good and I wish to advice that selection of rally should be more than one I guess thank you for the for the gifts and this amazing game .I hope problem will be dealed soon graywolf3423

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