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    Exclamation Account Binding Notice


    As a result of system issues, you may encountered login issue after the first time you bound your account to a Facebook account or an email address.

    If you did encounter the issue, we suggest you to try the following ways to find your account back:

    - Facebook binding

    • If the log-in progress bar stuck at 70% with notice “Server time out”, please shut down the game and restart it again.
    • You may see the notice “Username doesn’t exist” at the second time when you are trying to log in, please click “OK”.
    • Then you will see the button “Switch account” in the lower right corner. Click it and log in your binding Facebook account to log in your account.

    - Tap4fun binding(Email binding)

    You may encountered a connection error after binding your account to an email, please shut down the game and restart it again. Then you will see the log in interface where you have to choose the account type “Tap4fun”. Enter your binding email address and password to log in your account.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your understanding and support.

    Invasion High Command

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    My account keeps saying account not bound please help

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