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Thread: What was the first game you played?

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    First game pkayed

    The first game I played was candy crush

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    Il mio primo gioco con la PlayStation FIFA 98

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    Yo empece a jugar al candy crush. Luego segui con age warring empire y este es mucho mejor juego
    A pasar buena noche amigos

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    First game I ever played was Zelda 1 for the NES. Great game. Still is

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    My first game was lander on zx81 you had to type your game in my dad was there for days bless him ,

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    VIKING War Of Clans is my first game

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    Les chevaliers du zodiaque sur NES !!!! DeFeNDeR zone 81

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    Kingdoms of Camelot. Started 7 years ago

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    Island empire and global threat

    Island empire was the first game I played that got me hooked on these games until tap unfortunalty shut it down . But after that I found global threat and so far that was the best game I have ever played .. But tap shut that game down to for some odd reason . Everything was great about it and the diversity in units was even better so you didn't always build the same three units up equally like you do in most games now .

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