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Thread: What was the first game you played?

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    First game I remember was Yars Revenge on the original Atari.

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    My first game that is fun,challenging, and also a team game was invasion. One game that really make you feelyou are not alone, lots of friends that make up members and not a VIP game
    Thanks Horsetrainer

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    1st game that I played if we are talking about home video games it would be pong , the 1st pinball was a western type a cowboy and Indian can't remember the name , the fist game in an arcade was Pac-Man or space invaders I believe it was so long ago I'm not sure, I'm 40 years old hard to remember, ,,,,,,,,, Man Of DEATH ZONE 38. GUILD CFs

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    The first game I ever played was Halo 2 on the Original Xbox

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    My first game ever was Pong on an Atari 2400. Since technology progressed and I started playing games again I played Mobster ll Vendetta on my PC. Once mobile apps came around I played Clash of Clans and now Invasion Modern Warfare. Aside from the glitches in the game it is pretty fun to play.

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    My first video game was pong, but also played pinball.

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    The first game I ever played was Zelda the adventure of Link

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    Gotta go with sonic on the Sega Genesis. Best ever.

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