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Thread: What was the first game you played?

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    My first game I played was duke my first pc, 386 / 16 ram / 40gb hdd

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    The first game whas age of empire

    DARK1ANGEL zone 3

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    The first game i played was command and conquer renegade.

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    Dec 2015
    Europe. The Netherlands (Holland)

    Empire Four Kingdoms

    That was my first game. It was my very first game played. It felt good, i could communicate with players all over the world with a game! It was my first strategy online game and i found it soo cool! That was where i realised that strategy takes my heart. wasnt exciting enough to keep playing and pay for it so after a few fun years i quit the game��. So 1 day i went on facebook and saw the game. It looked cool and when i went to app page and watch the trailer i didnt know what i saw. Directly download. The tutorial was soo great! After i got a lovely Guild i donated and ill keep doing that. Im soo happy finding this game and thank you guys for coding to long to make a-w-e-s-o-m-e game! ��. I hope u guys never give up in 2016 and upcoming years. Ill always support. Happy new year though!


    Commander: Thunder King
    Zone: #111

    PS: Please expect spell faults. My nationality is Dutch ����
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    Atri space invaders at home pinball in the arcade

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    Mon premier jeu était clash de château

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    Fisrt game was command and conquer

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    First game i played was Runescape back in its finer days

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