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Thread: What was the first game you played?

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    This game

    Same S this one
    Quote Originally Posted by Christoph Vollmer View Post
    The best Game, That i have played this year.
    The First Time in this Game was very difficult but only few hours, the Game was easy and mega funmy
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    Maybe you were a hero before, or a plant, or a stickman ... your gaming type defines your identity, at this moment you are a Commander, a glorious Commander. Commander, do you still remember your first game? Head to the forum and make yourself heard for the chance to get ample Rewards.

    Activity Rewards: After the Event, we will randomly select 20 Commanders and distribute 1500 diamonds worth of Item Rewards to them.

    Activity Time: 31/12/2015 10:00 -- 04/01/2016 10:00 (UTC)


    1.You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2.Rewards will be distributed within 2 days after the event ending.

    Happy gaming!

    Invasion High Command

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    The first game i ever played was contra... Loved the game... Nothing beats old school games...

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    My first game was the original Super Mario Brothers for Nintendo.

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    O Melhor jogo de estratégia que eu alguma vez joguei,único,adoro

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    War commander !! Experienced in tactical warfare game's ;-)

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    Le jeu avec lequel j'ai joué en ligne est "good games empires". Le plus réussis de tout les jeux . Mais Comme tout les jeux interactif. Sont coût prohibitif quand on veux joue à haut niveau m'as fait arrêté.
    Pour reste en haut faut beaucoup dépenser.
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    Good games empires.le meilleur et le plus aboutis.

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