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Thread: What was the first game you played?

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    Rambo II :) 1996 version

    It was my first ever game got it for Xmas I was only 11yrs old, the graphics where so basic but for me was so unreal gud old times

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    First game I played was sinistar this arcade game came out in 1982. I'm sure I played others before but for some reason I recall this one the best probably due to the taunting the star did in the game including "Beware, I live!," "I hunger, coward!," "I am Sinistar!," "Run! Run! Run!," "Beware, coward!", "I hunger!," "Run, coward!," and various loud roaring sounds.

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    The first console game I played was asteroids for the Atari 2600. My favorite console game has to be Super Mario Bros and my favorite pc game of all time is Command and Conquer. Invasion is my favourite mobile game.

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    First game i played

    Mario Bros. Was a Very intereating game for children. Finished the game until Mario n louigi rescued the princess

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    My First Game was M.U.L.E. a Commerce Simulation. Best Game ever.

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    Its been so long since i played my very first game but i was a Nintendo game most likely super mario brothers or maybe even pong on a older system. The first major game i really played on my phone was pimd party in my dorm. Now it is invasion and clash of clans

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    I think the first game I played was... "Where in the world is Carmen sandiego?" It was on pc in the early 90's I think.

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