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Thread: What was the first game you played?

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    Need for speed!!! Then i play san andreas then i play fifa!!! And some others good games. Before i know about invasion, i was playing mortal kombat X, at that moment it was my favority game but then i find others like war world Z a good game and then INVASION 😍 And seens that day i just play invasion :3 im growin up.

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    My first game

    My first game is SWTOR

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    Moją pierwszą grą było ,,diablo 1".

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    Sadly, showing my age, my first game was pong. Then Legends of Zelda was the first roll playing game.
    Jackson66 #121

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    mon premier jeu kings of Realm . Darkog territoire 114

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    My first game was pacman years ago then played strategy games now Invasion.

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    my first game were spartan war but invasion were much better..


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    My first game was Travian. Much like this game with a few differences.

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