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Thread: What was the first game you played?

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    Mein erstes Spiel War mario auf Nintendo
    Wenn es ums erste online game geht die Stämme, Ogame,

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    First game I played was Minecraft on my old computer 3 years ago or maybe 4

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    Home World for PC. The best game ever made. But the first game I played was, The Stand up Arcade Pong. In 1978. I'm a gamer I've played many games. I would make a great game adviser.

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    The very first game I played was pong and then tank when atari first came out. From that moment on I became a gamer. My children and grandchildren are gamers as well, it runs in our blood. You can say I'm an Ole G with games. ;-)

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    My 1st game is Mario brothers..

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    My first hero game.

    My first game was Dungeons & Dragons 1st edition with paper and pencil but mostly imagination. I played an Elf Wizard and was neither truly good or evil but slightly chaotic although I saved my party many times during our adventures I did end up killing us all with a horrible spell... and so we all started over..
    I want my prize on my new account UrPapa thanks and hope I win.. thanks

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    Всем привет и с наступающим новым годом!😃👍 я играл в game of war, Vikings. Все эти игры включая данную, очень увлекательны!) Спасибо разработчикам)

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