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Thread: War Sim High Mode Awards failure

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    Angry War Sim High Mode Awards failure

    I just used 100% Victory in High mode for all levels Based on 1000 diamond in stage 4 and it failed to update my Diamonds.

    Diamond Count Before Sim High mode: 2,885
    Diamond Count After Use of 100% Victory for all Levels :2,885

    This did get me the third stage of the event but did not give me the Sim Award for level 4. (1,000 Diamonds)

    This was in z 86 User Overseer RH UTC 12/31 12:38.

    I have no idea what other awards it said I got but really did not issue out. This is as bad as the rebels which other than first time Kills never give the speed ups listed as possible awards.

    How do I get that last award issued.
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    Ok really no reply yet at least say yes we know we have issues

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    The support team should be on here soon. What is your in-game name so they can check the records to see what happened.

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    In Zone Name: Overseer RH
    Zone 86

    Also just had it happen to another acct but it was the PVP 500x2 awards that did not update the diamond count after claiming them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathan Rader View Post
    Ok really no reply yet at least say yes we know we have issues
    Hi Nathan! Sorry for the delay of reply. We will check your issue for you. Sorry that we could not check your issue directly here. Please go to More-Customer Service to contact us and give the information. We will investigate it further for you. Thanks!

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