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Thread: New oficial bugg problem. :(

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    New oficial bugg problem. :(

    Invested money in the game to unlock the official name "kelly" is supposed to speed up the production of troops a 34.8%. Such bonus is false. I beg for the correction of this error and a compensation of candy by the losses.

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    Yeah I just checked it and it does translate to "production speed." Ill make sure they notice this when they come back to the office Monday. Be sure you also send a ticket to customer support so you can be refunded in a timely manner.

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    Thank you for assisting me. I hope the refunded. Tanks.

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    Hey sir,

    I'm happy the problem got resolved. But could you please watch where you post your threads? If everybody would just post around it would be a mess and frustrating. Thanks for understanding.


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    Moved to the correct section

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