Hey guys,

I dont really like the idea that you cant change from zones when your HeadQuarter reachs lvl 6. It's terrible. Because when i started the game, i didnt even know what a zone was. So i just followed the tutorials and when you grow good, you will finally pass HQ 5. Thats actually the time you get in zone and you get intrested in the game. And then it's possible that you really dont want your current zone and want to leave....but then you hear that it's not possible because you pass HQ 5. My idea was that you have 1 to 3 teleports to go to zones, no matter your HQ lvl or whatever. You could think: 1 is enough....but what the hell do you know about the zone your teleporting at? I think this would help alot of people. I like my zone...but it's just for others.

Let me know your opinion about the idea below, thank you
I wish you all a nice day.