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Thread: Stuck in Rift of Glory

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    Stuck in Rift of Glory

    Hey Guys,

    many player are stuck in the rift of glory.
    Please immediately proof the problem and solve this.

    Ive been stuck for now 2 hours, without any information. Thats worse

    Do your JOB !!!

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    Lets go, 4 hours, no information ! Great work. If IŽm zero youŽll have to compensate all my losses

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    24 hours later and no answer ! Thats really cool. You all suck Mods, Coms and Programmer !

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    I am terribly sorry that I have spent all of my free time on line working diligently to get this issues alerted and working towards resolution. Deep apologies that I took a slight break last night from trying to sort all of this and actually participated in TvT. There isn't anything I could have done that I didn't already do. I am sorry in all that upheaval that I forgot to communicate that i have no ability to remove players from rift.


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    If you donŽt want to spent your time, drop your job. You all terrible suck up in your job and doing nothing. Including the terrible CS, which is no support. And bad news for you and your company. IŽll get ALL my money refunded by my german bank. So have fun
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