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Thread: What are your expectations for Invasion?

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    to tell the truth I expect better upgrades. more team play options. the wall. it take to long for stuff to upgrade. like come o if it take me 30 days to upgrade my head courters I won't be playing this long like come on man. commander SoSoChief.

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    Maybe you have to try change thinks to do like missions and alliance stuff. But in my oppinion it's a very goid game. Thx

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    Anonyma 47 ,zone 14. dont make new server lets choose the olayers on which server they want to be. that proofs that more players are on all servers.

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    Hello. J'aimerais pour 2016 un onglet rapide des statistiques de mon conomie dpense et revenus de ma base.
    Meilleur voeux tous

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    A Nice feature would to be able to see which Special Bonus you are using at the moment and how much time is left on it.

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    In this game many people are without.honor. why they steal the tiles out of PVP time?

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    I would hope you could clean up all inactive accounts so we can get new members in our zone. There are many inactive accounts and also with the Christmas update we had members lose there accounts and had to start new ones. Also limit the number of accounts people can open. There are players who have 2 or more accounts so it looks like this zone has many players but it really does not. So just cut the number of players in the zone by half and that's still probably more than we really have in my zone. Fix the finder names and level for rebels. Thought that would have been fixed by now. I hate that everyone's rebel is Stephen Chow still. Other than that I enjoy the game.

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    I think the game and it's buy on packages should all be the same price. As well, more speedups and queuing of troops and buildings and research. Make the battles a little more realistic. I'm sure that 80k T2 copters could take out 20k T3 tanks. Just a thought.

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    I would like fighting would drop loot like in turkey events ghosthead z 82

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