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Thread: What are your expectations for Invasion?

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    Have a zone vs zone contest once a week and have a world rank tab to see which zone wins the most/ generates the most kills etc. It may help make inzone players cooperate more and in turn improve retention of players. MaximusFun Zone24

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    Be nice if you could balance you squads out evenly with out havein to select them manualy for attacks ,or you could form your own squad from your own troops
    Like a 79 k heli 77k tanks and 79 k suv team a
    One button press attack

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    I would like 10 hour shields,rallies to give us a better quality of life upgrade to the game I'm sure a lot of people would get mor . Sleep and feel better with that adjustment. Also I'd like war warrants and handcuffs added as rewards for some events even if its just a few it would help greatly.

    Also perhaps a guild leader shout chat that shows brightly on your screen so guild leaders can get everyone's attention in guild for special events. That's all I've got for now 😆

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    My Exspectation's, Goals,& New Years Resolution Is To Be Either The Most Powerful Leaders,- Commanders,100% Active,Loyal,Commited, Dedicated And Just Members Of LoH In Zone 36 Inwhich I Currently Hold The 1 Spot Guild Help,Commitment,Loyalty And Activities. Rank Is Nice To Have,But Without Communication, Loyalty And Members Who Are Like Your Very Own Family Members Sutch As Hoyster,Will,Saph,Savage,Trizz,Wilder,Angel,Swiftb lade Jones,And Many More! It Would Be All For Nothing. So If Your Ever In Zone 36 And Your Thinking Of Paying LEIGION OF Hoe's A Visit? You Might Want To Reevaluate Your Strategy? ,& Bring A Whole Lot Of Troops That Your Willing To Sacrifice, & Power You're Willing To Just Throw Away! For We- LoH,R,And, Tss Don't Take Kindly To Invaders,Tresspassers,& Commanders That Are Not Part Of Our Zone 36 Family. Consider This You're First And Last Warning. And Pray That You Dont Run Into Bump? For If You Do? IT Is Already To Late! Your Dead And Zeroed! You Have Been Warned! LEGIONZ

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    About the use of "fake army" item. With the current power counting system, an exprienced player can realise that other is using fake army or not, because unit powers overpass construction and research power many times.
    The use of fake army item should be changed to self modified by the user, x1x x1.2, x0.5,... or the power counting system should be balanced.

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    Facebook expectations for 2016

    We expect that before rolling out any more new features,or adding more zones to the game, that some time be spent fixing the endless server issues and system bugs we have commented and reported on for months. This alone would improve playability and enjoyment immeasurably.

    Malo, zone 1

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    Перевод в игре

    Игра хороший обновлением стало интереснее вот только с переводом затрудняется. Разработчи игры Думаю вы решите с этом, жалаю вам успехи!
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    I would like to see a trophy room holding the trophies of zones battled and defeated.

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    Zone# 35 player: ARmageddon

    I think with the gift giving option we should have the choice if we want to purchase something for that player or have the option to give them something out of our inventory for a small diamond fee an also it would be great if we could have some type of way to sell our stuff that's in our inventory for diamonds or other items we can use or need that would be awesome and one last thing like the black market have a system were we can post items that we have a bunch of an try an sell it to another player for a small amount of Diamond for the players that can't afford diamonds but have slot of other items give them a chance to trade the stuff
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