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Thread: What are your expectations for Invasion?

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    Добрый день. Я бы хотел бы добавить в игру чуть больше анимация боев! Поменять иконки походов, сменить эти стрелки возможно на дым от самолетов. Сделать воздушные бои, то есть возможно перехватывать войска когда те идут в поход. И сделать статус пирата, дать возможность выбирать хорошую честную сторону, или выбирать плохую сторону развивать город грабя других.

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    I think it whould be cool to have another air unit like the fighters

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    Iyi calismalar hata oranlari duzeltildikten sonra mukemmel oldu karakollari kesildiginde daha fazla elmas ve hizlandirma olsa on numara olur ve insaatlerin sureleri cok uzun suruyor

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    Better customer servies and better pricese in war simulator and giv something better when people buy dimonds from u guys, and lower some og those long time research time below 90 days it alot. And remove that stupid pvp from rebels.

    Thorshand DK #7

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    Add more units plz... Jet, stealth bomber, (air units)

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    I would like to see state vs state also better packs to buy and better rewards for things

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    more diamons for every attack the enemy .
    more mission per day .
    diamonds mine .

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    Wedidc from zone 87
    Hello i expect more from this game like we have to share screenshoots as mail or post with our guild members and warsmlator on the 4th stage is very epensive to beat with 100% victory!
    Plus ack market refreshing time is long!
    Thanks i will inform you when there is something new idea!
    Thanks again!

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    I am DARK63 from zone 86. I am expecting to earn handcuff and war warrant from rebels because for s4 troops this are very important and just you can buy with diamonds also i am vip7 and it is not enough for s4 troops and i am just student i cant buy more diamonds. Probably when anothers start to production s4 troops i will leave the game.

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    wedidc from zone 87

    hello i do not expect to be bored in one zoen and zvz is so late,
    as this is wargame it have to be burning game! and zvz have to be each week as pvp twice a week
    cuz some guilds with much power are controlling the zone for longtime and
    some players are being kicked from the game by zone governers than by t4f!
    So please make the game balanced among the players than losing much players who was spending alot money in this game

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