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Thread: What are your expectations for Invasion?

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    The ability to earn more diamonds for completing quests.

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    I think there should be a way to earn dimonds and for there to be interactive battles like you chose where to send troops and if you want SUV to break into two part and like tanks go and flank some addition like that would be cool and I'm sure others would agree please let me know what you think of this post at

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    Well I would really like better blaming packages. And ones worth more than $ about one worth 199.97? I'm always buying multiple of the 99. And can we make it so we can share scouting reports?

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    Well....I'm not trying to be greedy but,do you think you can add a diamond supermine for all guilds,ONLY just for everyone to get their extra boost of getting things done,instead of using money to buy diamonds to get things done I'd like to see in invasion.... Even though it's a strategy actual campaign for offline people....turn everything for a completely online game into a FPS/TPS shooter/strategy action that I'd LOVE to see....I hope that's not too much to ask.....but if it is then.....well at least I tried.... ^-^

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    I am Pwnedbyurdad from
    Zone 126

    My expectations for the year 2016 are :

    - More Players
    - More ways to get Stuffs for the commander
    - Maybe a kind of dungeon
    - Ingame Moderators, who will be for a while
    Online in each zones for questions and
    - To know the global ranking in the system
    - Creative ideas for more motivation

    Happy Gaming
    Last edited by PwnedbyurDaddy; 01-11-2016 at 01:22 AM. Reason: Forgot to tell you my ingame name and zone

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    Make great mission for to win 5 or 10 thousand diamonds for one time. For example, arest other player.

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    I want to find ways to better help guild mates. No everyone's focus is attack. I see a strong role for one who farms and supplies guild mates. I'd also like to see a better research speed program similar to how we farm a supermine. Can we "farm" a research goal for everyone in the guild.

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    To make up your mind about the war events. Either have pvp or zvz . Having them both back to back was not cool , plus not all players had enough time to rebuild . I in one hand don't like fighting my own zone even tho I get attack. I hope you decide to go to having 1 or 2 zvz a week and stop the stupid pvp , or gvg especially if you want zone growth, so many left the game over this. Looking at the world map most zones have low population I think it's due to all the pvp events you give us...... well that's what I think I'm sure others do to
    Thanks Man Of DEATH ZONE 38 GUILD CFs

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    Freddy97 Zone83
    Es wäre super wenn sich die Zeiten von PvP immer ändern würden, auch allgemein so von den Rebellenevents beispielsweise..
    Denn Spieler aus der ganzen Welt spielen Invasion, aber jeder lebt in einer anderen Zeitzone und jeder schläft somit zu anderen Zeiten. Bei uns in der Zone ist PvP immer nachts für die Europäer. Und das ist sehr unfair. Die Amerikaner und Asiaten haben dadurch schon einen sehr großen Vorteil.

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    Ok i am iceman zone 9 bok leader
    Ok being that you cannt rally a 90 million plus players without losing big can it be that over 90 million is untouchable. .so that being said i wanna see base levels increase so that the attack in a war game can actually happen and you can win..increase march caps hell this has turned into a game of farm. If you war you loose big..
    Our zone has seriously outgrown lvl 21 capability. .please increase base upgrade. .we have maxed everything and cant build or battle. .kinda dont make sense its a war game and cannot war due tocaps being too low..

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