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Thread: What are your expectations for Invasion?

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    I would hope for an event where a guild needs to work together to accomplish a win. Rather than one player with 100mil in power dominating.

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    I wish it would be able to demolish a lvl 21 building... As when you get further in the game.. Strategy changes aswell.. So when having more then 1 neccecary lvl 21 upgrade you should be abke to demolish it and change it... For instants.. I want to change mints to garages or vica versa... Because with zvz now availible.. Strategy changes.. Zvz wasent in the picture when i upgraded all building to 21... Im playing for 1 year now
    Dont think this would be a problem to add

    Tnx and keep up the good work

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    Hall of wars lv 12 would like it higher my halves is 18 very hard to upgrade it some help would be nice thank you happy new year

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    Bonjour à tous.

    Je suis dans la zone 105 j'ai plusieurs compte sur différentes cartes j'aurai bien voulut me téléporter d'une carte a une autres mes impossible serais t'il possible d'améliore sa sa serais sympa merci.
    Et sa serais sympa de gagner plus de diamants merci Bonne journée. ....

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    I recon more affordable deal to buy Cz once u buy the cheaper deals they don't appear anymore, and rebel events more often
    Besides that great game

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    Pouvoir changer de zone 1 fois meme avec un gros niveau

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    I have an event idea . What about "zones war" . Just two days amonth every guilds in the same zone cooporate with each other against other zones . But i think it will be better if it would be optionaly, the guild which wants to take turn join the event and mail the goverment of their zone .
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    I would expect to see some diamond resource tiles. Perhaps in the form of awards to the victors of ZvZ battles. I would expect more ZvZ battles than PvP's so that guilds within zones can start teaming up more often, going after other zones monuments etc., which is a lot of fun. Also the type of ZvZ events could vary, make a ZvZ power increase event or unit production event so it changes things up so it is not always just a battle event. I would also like to see medal boxes pop up occasionally with resource tile farming just like you occasionally see some item boxes pop up with current resource farming.

    -Pfeifman19 Zone 9 - GON 4 life ! LoL

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    My expectations if you would make diamond tiles and a diamond super mine

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