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Thread: Maintenance in the middle of Pvp

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    Thumbs up Maintenance in the middle of Pvp

    Hope I'm not dead when I get in

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    I agree this is stupid.. I can't believe they did this if I lose everything I'm going to be so ticked!!!

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    Middle of afucking fight and server goes down! Fuck this pos game!

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    How is this game of the year!, I'm going to need my money back assholes!

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    This is so stupid and I was right in the middle of attacking. I better still have all 800 of my t3 troops when I get back online

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    Have to hope everyone is out of game and we all come back with bubbles and compensation

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    What sucks is they won't reemburse all that you have lost either!! I will lose millions!!!

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    I hope you meant 800K troops, haha

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