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Thread: Maintenance in the middle of Pvp

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    Bravo t4f��... Your game is fantastic!!!!

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    Last time I lost 170k. T3s and 60k defensive troops.... I got nothing. I have spent thousands and this is starting to become a huge rip off.

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    Everyone is shielded after maintenance how will we find new targets... Really really stupid.. Stick you compensation packs in your a$$

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    You guys better be paying us back for our lost troops because you fuck ups can't run a Damn game right

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    This is just awesome!!! Server maintenance in the middle of pvp?! Don't expect any compensation for loss of troops, rss or defenses. What a bunch of b.s!!! Thanks a lot Tap4Fun

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    OK T4f it seems you all have a major situation on your hands, as you all don't have the knowledge or the capabilities of keeping your game running smoothly, your compensation packs are a serious JOKE, some of us have literally put Thousands of $$$$$ in your game for a few trinkets in competition. Come on really. Game crashes and you hand out trinkets, do some real Compensation for once

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    Fuckers ! I was occupying if I get hit fuq know what gonna happen wit t4f !!!!

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    saya sedang menambahka food, oil, energi, stel untuk perbaikan 50.000 unit eh server nya malah eror, gimana ini?

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    Hope i dont lose al muy units if that happens i quit

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    Please tell me everyone is locked out and not just some of us?

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