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Thread: Maintenance in the middle of Pvp

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    All troops out occupying... You must be kidding

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    How long will everyone be shielded you focking idiots ? No target to attack ..

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    I'm not spending a penny for a month now.. Because the game has to many bugs ..bunch of amateurs

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    Yep I stopped my monthly sub last month because of the lag spikes and hiccups its too damn buggy right now I may resub again but only after some serious improvement in game stability

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    I had an account lost all troops last pvp due to there game functions not responding couldn't return reinforced troops mailed them no response and now this Sh*t smh

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    So what time are they expected to be done with this maintenance. Anyone know

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    Quote Originally Posted by muratis View Post
    I'm not spending a penny for a month now.. Because the game has to many bugs ..bunch of amateurs
    OK, so they know you will be spending money after a month then.....smh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracey Lea View Post
    Hope I'm not dead when I get in
    Hey sir,

    I get your point. It is very annoying getting a Maintenance when PvP is running. The only thing you can do is hoping that the other people also have a server down, lol. I think they should fix this.


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    Due to the amount of spam in this thread, I have decided to lock this post from anymore replies. I understand that you all are upset that the server had maintenance during PvP. I know that is a big inconvenience for numerous players, but that does not give you the right to come on the forums expressing your anger by breaking forum rules.

    If you have a serious problem that this maintenance caused during PVP then make another thread in the correct section, or send an in-game mail to the customer support team.

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