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Thread: Some Ideas ;)

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    Some Ideas ;)

    1. abillity to build offshore farms there u can place passive farms u like maybe a maximum of 5-10 offshore bases that only hold farms they can hold up to 50 mil rss and attackers can rob them so u have to gather the rss (gathering there is instant) these "bases" can not be protected in any way (this would greatly improve the multi account problem) the ability to build offshore could increase with hq level like on lvl 10 u can buld 1 offshore with less rss but when u unlock the 5th it need massive rss^^

    2. duels with guild members that cost no troops just a fun attack maybe u can bet diamonds or rss that u can bet for ur win^^ they have to accept the duel and maybe set a bet^^

    3. a big event enemy spawning once in week like primus in galaxy empire where all attack him^^ (flight to this enemy take 1minute nevermind where u are)ppls get rewards for their help after event (the base stays for 24hr) if boss falls all get a reward that he died no ranks so if he falls all get something and not only the ones with the most power but maybe a reward for the guild doing the most dmg or top 3^^ but not single ranks the top3 rewards are only payed if the boss base falls ^^ so it could happen that the boss lives and ppl only get the practicipating reward

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    I love the dueling with your guild mates idea! That would be awesome and a great way to train new members in how to fight!! And as far as betting, I think you should only be able to bet with people in your own power or base range. (Say +/- 1 million power or +/- 1 hq level). That way you can have equal competition.

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    well u dont have to bet and i also like the idea of my offshore farms caus later u need more accounts for food supply :/ so u can build ub to 5 or 10 farms that hold up to 10 r more resource making buildings and others can rob them if u dont pay attention to them^^

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