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Thread: Device not compatible with this version

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    Device not compatible with this version

    LG VS986, it's all I have ever played invasion on, and now it won't let me update to get in. What do I do?

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    Mine is doing the same on my Samsung s5 same since I started playing.

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    We are sorry for the trouble. Please go to our website to download the apk. Visit here:

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    Greetings guys,,
    Please add screenshot for the problem..
    1st of all recheck the game requirements and update the OS if you have to.
    2nd try to install the update manually form the link approved on the sticky thread on the main forum,,if the android installer gives you "application is not installed" just try to delete the old one after you Backup it (guests account will be removed) and try again,,
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    device not compatible...

    I encountered this same problem after the 1.28.0 update. It would not download the update, so I deleted the app and try to reinstall from GogglePlay, found the app but says my device is not compatible with this version. So I can't even download a fresh copy of Invasion from the GooglePlay store. I have a Samsung S5. I download the apk via the link provided, but cannot unzip the file because there is no app to apply the patch to. Please advise.

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    I've got the same issue. I have a droid turbo Motorola 5.1. I've downloaded the new file but when I click on the .zip it says can not open file. So I went to Google play and it says device not compatible with this version. This phone is less than a year old. Please help love this game and spent a lot of money on it.

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    Please go to our website to download the apk. Visit here: Thanks!

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    Not compatable

    Saying not comparable
    Downloaded from t4f.
    Took screenshot can't post

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    I did that..then deleted game to I can't reinstall.I have money in this game.someone needs to help me get this game back.very upset about this.

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    What do i do when i download the apk?

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