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Thread: When do you want to play the game most?

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    I am always online if there is a message of INVASION in my touchscreen..
    I am so addicted

    PwnedbyurDad Zone 126

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    I play this game all the time even at work this is truly the best game on the market!!!

    McFLUFF zone 127
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    Im always on during the day at work as soon as i finish work late at night and even during a late night toilet wake up call lol

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    The most optimal times for me to enter the game of Invasion: Modern Warfare are a few minutes after a nights sleep as it is time for the enemies to prepare for their time to turn in for sleep. Second, is when I turn in for a nights sleep because it is when most of the action is happening. It is the time when planning and coordination is taking place. Lastly, it is when it's late and a middle of the night wake up gives me the opportunity to sneak in on the enemies and do some recon. This is a good time to see maneuvers... Other then that, all the time!
    Zone #74

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    En el momento que tengo tiempo libre

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    On the hours of 4pm and 10m eastern time on week days

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    Gunner9662 likes to play this game to de-stress and on the evening when kids gone to bed so I can unwind. And also lets me talk to people from around the world.
    Great game thank you 👍👍

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    I play Invasion day & night!! I like the challenge of keeping up with everything in the game & love to make friends, Enemies or Friendlies doesn't matter to me!! See you in the War Zone Lol!!
    1EyedSniper zone 67 Bradshaw

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