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Thread: When do you want to play the game most?

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    Je joue la journée des que je peux ce jeu et très addictif

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    I know this is a game for everyone in different countries and time zones so it's only fair to give every time zone a time enjoyable to them. I live in US in the eastern time zone so any time after 7 pm is preferable. Z 77 ArchAngel358

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    I am almost always on. I have lots of accounts in different zones. My main account is the R5 of our guild. All of my R4's and I manage the guild as a council and have a LINE command center so even when we are offline, we can be reached to get in game asap.

    Zone 34
    [wu9] warriorsunited2

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    I'm a disabled Vet. I play this game a lot, it helps me to get my mind off of other things. It's good for pain therapy if I can keep my mind on the game it takes it off the pain. I enjoy it a lot met new people and it's good to talk with others while playing. I like the new update that just happens helps me out a lot.
    This is why I like to play this game,
    Zone 3

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    I play the game all the time but mostly when out of work
    Zone 80
    Guild : mAd

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    i want and play all the time cause its a cool and nice game with some improvements and new things i wont know how i should sleep

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    I usually wanna play the game when I'm at school bored or waiting for practice. It just keeps me busy

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    Whenever I get my hands on my ipad lol


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