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Thread: When do you want to play the game most?

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    Играю всегда когда есть свободная минутка

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    Je joue chaque fois que j'ai le temps libre

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    I would want to play the game any chance I can get as long as I am not driving. .. as long as i still have battery

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    All the time.

    Zone 103

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    I like to play when I am listening to Mindless self indulgence. I like to have big roles in these type of games but I only had that happen once with over 2k alliance members. now that can be hell on a server. Now if you had a bit more to the game it might be more tasty with my cup of Jo and crumpets. no I'm not British I just like cookies. now the UI needs a few tweaks to run smoother. like the plus sign it could be a smaller manu that is right there instead of loading a page.

    so to sum up.

    I like playing when I'm drinking jo and eating cookie.

    fyi cookie is a girl and jo is coffee.

    how is that? xD

    IGN: Top StarLord


    DOFP for short.

    oh and if anyone wonders what my alliance name was... it was DEMONS and the second best we fought for months was HellsGate. xD we made someone mad so he made the anti demon alliance. lol

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    I play the game anytime I can. There is always something to:
    Help and to kill

    Many friends ask what kind of games this is and I always answer that this is a great strategy game- recommended

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    Right now I'm on a lot but when I work I can't be on. I'm a welder so my phone not on me so I don't break it

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    Всё свободное время посещают игре,львиную долю вашей игре! Всегда стараюсь помогать альянсу,и для этого захожу даже в занятое время

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    I like or shall I say I love playing this game any time I'm breathing and awake lol tho sometimes u run out of energy,money and resources to do a lot so does get slow sometimes. I thank you for this great game and hoping to get a cool gift for playing along with this questionnaire

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