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Thread: When do you want to play the game most?

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    I play between phone calls to my Stock Broker EF Hutton. Hey! Are they even in business anymore? Lol

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    At home and mostly at work haha

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    24 h a day if i could
    Ghosthead z82

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    Any time is a good time to play. Any down time I have is spent playing this game

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    All the time! It's a great game but sometimes it does get fustrating when unable to log on to the game or get booted out of the game.

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    In den Pausen und zum Feierabend.

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    Je joue sur mon téléphone de 04h00 à 22h00 heure française

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    When I wanna stay alone and get boring I prefer to play this game and it make me relax and take me far a way from the problems. I really like .

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    S'il vous plaît, essayez de positionner les pvp à des heures correctes pour les pays GMT. Merci d'avance 👍

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