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Thread: [REQUEST] Merging VIP levels

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    How does merging VIP levels on all the accounts you own equate to account selling? And how does it cause account disputes? All of my accounts have purchased through the exact same google play account since the beginning. Really easy to tell that they are all mine.

    As far as calculating VIP when you merge (I know that response is going to come up, so I will answer it now), you take all the diamonds I have purchased across the accounts I want merged, and set the VIP level accordingly on the account I want them set to, and set the other account(s) to VIP 0. No deleting of bases is needed unless you are going FULL merge, which would be a much bigger nightmare to figure out. But VIP merge should be a breeze.
    According to current game settings, merging VIP is not available. You have enjoyed the VIP privileges in your previous account. Besides if this functions is available it will influence the game balance. Imagine that one player make a VIP4 in the first account. Then merging the VIP to a new account in a new zone. He could have many advantages over other players. If he continues to merge VIP level, it is impossible for new players to grow in a new zone. Thanks for understanding!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevgi Ay View Post
    Nonsense! U ask this, i lost a war and power, but i have tons of diamonds there.i want to start a new game, pls gömme them for my new account ��
    Sorry that the functions to transfer diamonds is not available in game in order to keep the account security and to keep the balance of game. Thanks for your understanding!

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