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Thread: [IDEA] Return back to Initial Zone

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    [IDEA] Return back to Initial Zone


    im in zone 90 started to play on 31.12.2015...

    i think there should be a return to initial zone button in account managment...

    why am i in zone 90?

    well looked for an german guild now im out of them cause i got a invite to a very much better guild if i coud get back to my initial zone i would be under the top 10 or top 20

    in that guild i see many newbies with 10k-200k power getting baited in older zone and finally stop playing

    this go to initial zone is a one way ticket so this is then ur final zone
    maybe u have to pay the teleport with ressources depending on ur hq level or decreasing building levels or loosing troops

    i found good friends in 90 but what is when time changes i cant do anything against the big players playing there since the opening of the zone so i gather 10-100mil ressources(or more) and bring my dirty ass back to the zone the system wants me

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    i would also consider paying 10k-20k diamonds to do that

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