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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    Love it

    Best game. Updates going well keep it up!

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    Yes rewards to protect you investment in this game could be improved some i would raise the VIP rewards sence that reflects that.

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    I still think we should be able to trade officer recruitment materials within the guild.

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    QwaQ 15 Tuba City

    Hey, this good game

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    I would like to see a reports page or similar to show who has been hitting the guild or who in the guild is hitting. This will allow checks to se who started a fight outside pvp and to help learn the strategies for fighting.

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    Die Pvp Zeiten unter der Woche u allgemein unter der Woche pvp, Funde ich nicht gut. Nicht viele haben die Zeit nachts aufzustehen u sich daran zu beteiligen oder ein Schutzschild hoch zu fahre.

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    Make more events, and make VIP status available at least 1 once a month without having to pay $... Events to earn gold would be awesome to!

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    I love this game but i wish please be the game be fast because when i attack with other player then sometimes is houng then i lose my all my troope but i always love this game.thanks you enjoy the game☁😊☁☁😊☁😁☁

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    Please provide us port lvl 30,40,50,60,70,80..

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    It will be more fun if the war simulator was more accurate/intelligent. It's extremely rare to go to step 2 without paying on super-mode.

    I will appreciate to see a animation attack on battles. Like at the first time you're are fighting in the tutorial.

    I want a easy way find and search Guilds,players,... In the game. I can't search my friends or contact guilds esaly and it can be very frustrating to not be able to send messages to players we are looking for.

    A optimization for loading the map players would be good. Switching for base to the map can take 5-10sec and that's something work on I think.

    Voilŕ few things I thought about

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