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Thread: Valentine's Plans

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    Lightbulb Valentine's Plans

    Commanders, happy Valentine's Day! What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year? Or what did you do for the holiday? Watch a movie with your sweetheart? Give your lover unforgettable memories? Or battle fiercely on Invasion? Come share with us!

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    Activity Time: February 14th 03:00 - February 17th 15:55 (UTC)

    Activity Rules: Share your Valentine's Day experience in the comment section and leave your gaming name and Zone number.

    Activity Rewards: After the Activity ends, we will randomly select 15 commanders and give each of them rewards worth 1000 diamonds.

    1.You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2.Rewards will be distributed within 4 days after the event ending.

    Thank you for your support of Invasion!

    Invasion High Command

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    Winner List:

    ign malici0us-122
    chimera xXX-55
    DKA Bigtruck-134

    Rewards will be delivered in 48 hours, please wait in patience.Enjoy the game!

    Invasion High Command

    18th Feb, 2016

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    It's my birthday so I want to do a lot of nothing but playing video games with my son!
    Zone 147

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    My woman and I went to Thailand, as we live in United States! Great trip for us.

    Killer Gregg ( RDD )

    Zone# 121

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    I will spent part of my love one's a time together going for a dinner date and spent few hours with invasion,can't afford to leaved my troops on our battle.we aim to stand together and will fight and build together.

    In invasion everything in game you will loved.


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    My husband and I went out to eat a candle lit valentines surf and turf meal! He also bought me a dozen Chocolate covered strawberries!

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    Movies with my girlfriend
    Bgphoenix zone 45

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    I will spend my time between my wife, my daughter and Invasion. It's the best way to do it!!! 😁😁😁😄😄😄

    PeterMTS zone1

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    Myasthenia zone 44,
    Valentines Day for me will be spent with my daughters watching ghost adventures.

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