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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    I think it would be sensible if guild members are able to gift their fellow members resources they already possess instead of them buying it totally with diamonds. They can then be charged between 5 to a 100 diamonds, depending on the quality if thr item being gifted.

    Zone 83

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    I want to thank all the players that complain about the game. Sorry you don't have friends in the game or don't know how to benefit from the game. You'll gladly complain about people but you won't complain about you, especially when you talk the same way in zc. Now for t4f I want you thank you for making bad decisions on your new hording and sale rss rule. If I get band from my account I will go to goggle and get my money back,guarantee you that. With your new rule I don't think I'll buy anymore diamond. I already did a 2 month protest going on 3 now. Here is an ideal make the game rated (t) for teen, you know just about all players that buy from you are 18 or older. Make the game suck more I'll will give my account back and get my money back.

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    Thank you for this game. I love it.

    1. Give an option to see the battle when
    "in game".
    2. Please give a couple more "build slots" on the base and outside the base, on the base screen.
    3.give biomedical more diversity (water, canyons, mountains) and give them defensive and offensive pros and cons.
    4. Add ground troops and weapons. (I know, epic)
    5. Give everone that spent over 50 bucks 100 k diamonds and massive black market coins.
    6 . make simulator coins more accessible and frequent.

    7. We will spend. Dont be greedy. Make some events easier for the "not so fortunate", so they will stay and play.

    8. Thanks for this game!

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    My 1st issue is the inability to message fellow guild members during PvP especially when a battle is in progress. I know it's not Xbox we don't have headphones. But not being able to message and sometimes the game shutting down without warning during a battle is getting old. Only other thing if the PvP rules were posted before every match would be nice. At first I thought no one was adhering to the 3 level rule which they weren't but then find out a month later it was voted against. Basically its unclear what's allowed and what is hearsay. Don't get me wrong anarchy can be fun but if their is no repercussions in this game unless you offend someone through text. Then I'm not sure if this is a game I would like invest my time in.

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    The status button to look at stats of others comanders is hidden under chat now. Would like this fixed.
    Have a way to know when other guild members are being attacked besides having to look on the map. A button under guild to do this would be great.

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    I really do like this game, however a few changes need to be done I think to keep people playing this game. I don't like the fact that you lose your troops completely when you are attacked or you attack away from your base. You should never lose your troops that you spend a lot of money on. You should win by how many points you have after a battle. example: it should be based on how many of what kind of troops you have compared to the person your attacking, your commander talents, the officers that you have, the defenses that you have. Some how there has to be a way to not lose troops so easily. Maybe have your troops go to your garages. I don't know but people quit this game because they get discouraged because they are always getting zeroed from stronger players that have money. People have real lives and it's hard to be on this game 24/7. Instead of many garages have one big garage and level it up to crest more garage space. I know that the point of this game is for you guys to make money. However not everybody can spend the money or a lot of it. You have kids playing this game. You have people that don't have jobs playing. Thanks

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    Other then the new rule, only problem I have are the bug issue , only my Facebook account lags why

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    If your zone has tile hits you should watch them at all times. When you get attack at your base you should have enough garages to cover 75% to 100% of your troops so you don't wast them. Second when an attack comes in you can change your formation to counter your attacker given you a better chance to win or loss less troops. If the player is to strong set a rally.

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    Sigue sin liberar mina de diamantes de las cuentas o personaje que ya estan inactivos

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    How about a way to open more than one gift of same kind at a time. How about a button to open all.

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