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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    I think it sucks that you here find the need to have so many PVP Events. I understand the need to make money but on the backs of those players who are playing to have fun it stinks. We cannot afford to keep buying shields every few days just to support your needs. Many will quit playing because of this. Also your programmers need to have strict rules about dual accounts. There are ways to monitor IP addresses and keep most players from having dual accounts. A frustrated member of Zzz of 109

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    I have sticker shock over wait 85days for an upgrade to complete. That's enough to make anyone lose interest in the game. The game is fun to play, you don't need to add ridiculous time and RSS to upgrade. Ok resources maybe? It took me a long time to gather 25 million units, but it can be done. We will continue to spend money as long as you don't kill our interest. 85 days is way too much. I thank you for your time

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    Toso sistema es vulnerable a inconveniente. Pero todo se soluciona.... Mantenga los eventos que lo mantienen a uno activo en el juego.


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    Add a way for your guild to help you with defends yourself from an attack. Also a way to know when a commander can be captured. Maybe even a way to lock up troops so you have the option to so you dont lose everything when attacked.

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    Can you guys make a function in the Armory that makes an even split amongst all units and let's us customize which type and teir

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