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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    Nice game but please pvp come once in two week

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    I find you contrast of colors getting lighter and lighter this makes it very difficult for visually impaired players

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    The updates are goodgood. Ui is appreciated but,after this update Google play store says this game is not compatible with my device. How is it possible? Do tf4 want me to buy a new phone?? Is t4f going to pay me for my new phone? It's ridiculous!! Your game says its compatible with Android 3.0 or above and now it's not compatible with Android 5.1??

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    The update is Awesome nice graphics and cool rearrangement, I like the update.

    TopLeader from Zone 119

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    oo yes,very good game DS guild number 1

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    Please add features of
    @ Resource Divider ..
    @ Automatic Bubble up for next 3 hours after being attacked..
    @ Add extra building queue at cartain HQ level.

    Zone 1229
    Gaby Allen

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    Ne diyeceksin ne diyeceğini deyip demeyeceğini...

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    I like the improvements however I think we should be able to queue buildings for construction

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    인터페이스가 깔끔하지만 잔 렉이 조금 늘었지만
    일반보급으로 가속이 나오는건 정말 최고인거같다

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