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Thread: Leave your comments on 1.28.0

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    Well can you unlock the training base for the new improvement?... I want to see what's that like... Actually everything from the guild buildings...

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    عاوزينه عربي عشان نكمل

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    Quit raising the points to win the events and give us some decent prizes again

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    Yesss todo el juego esta muy bien muy entretenido posibilidad de conocer buena gente

    Muy buen juego y la nueva actualización mucho mejor

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    BanHammer z108

    I would like to see a way to earn sandbox tokens like you do with the simulator

    Also fix the ungodly power difference between Chinese and non-chinese players.
    ^^^^ you fix this one and you got a loyal player. This alone has made me close to quitting several times. I have a Chinese member in my guild who told me he spent about 19$ american to get his HQ to lvl 18 and close to 10 mil power. I KNOW it would have cost me an ass ton more to get to the same spot so I don't bother spending money. Change the power balance to be more fair and you will keep a lot more players interested


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    Bring new weapons and are plane?

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    I logged in this morning and went to work on my base and ended up having to rebuild my armory because one of them no longer existed so I ended up using all my speedups rebuilding

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    Nice improvments on thé UI ... More différent units would be appreciated... Especially spies, assassin n seals with restricted building attacks

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