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Thread: Official In-Game Alliances/Enemies (Guilds)

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    Lightbulb Official In-Game Alliances/Enemies (Guilds)


    Now obviously Alliances are a widespread idea along Invasion, however I wanted to make a post about it that's worthwhile and longer than a sentence or 2, along with a similar concept to it, but opposite.

    This could be a revolutionary addition, and could easily make players want to continue playing due to Government issues, lack of guild support, etc.

    First off, there would be a Guild Function (Tab) where the Leader/R4s can manage their allies/enemies, as well as to decide who is on their list. However, if a member under R4 rank were to click on the Proclamation tab (or Allies/Enemies, however you'd like to call it), then they would be restricted to only a list with the names of the Enemies and Allied.

    The question you're probably asking if you care at all, is "but how would this work without abuse and stuffz y'know?" Well, each guild would be limited to a certain number of allies/enemies, and the guild governing the zone would be only allowed ONE of each (officially at least).

    Both guilds would need to accept the request from the other in order to become official allies, however it is NOT for enemies. Maybe in addition, if you're allies/enemies, their tile color would change to a blue/green if they're allied, and red or another dark color to represent non-friendship lol.

    Benefits of being Official Allies: Can trade with each other, reinforce each other, contribute to the construction of super mine, research center, and possibly any other guild buildings to come out in the future, guild members should know that they are actually allies, etc. (Not sure what else I could put)

    Cons of being Official Allies: Secret alliances may be revealed just to get these benefits, powerful guilds may overpower with allies to overrule everyone else, things could get confusing? (I don't know cons of this really, lol).

    Benefits of being Official Enemies: People would trust you regarding whether you have secret alliances with that guild, easier to manage other than putting in guild description, once again, guild members would know if they're enemies or not, etc. (As for cons I don't want to continue, I've typed too much lol)

    Welp, hope this isn't skipped over since I really spent my time just to improve the base suggestion of alliances and stuff to more of an explained thing. Idk lol

    (Extra Point - Optional to have Allies/Enemies PUBLIC TO OTHER GUILDS so they know who is allied/enemied or not. This could be an easier way to have secret alliances along with the benefits. However people may figure out if you're trading, reinforcing, etc.)

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