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Thread: vip didn't increase when purchasing diamond subscriptions

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    vip didn't increase when purchasing diamond subscriptions

    I recent needed 7000 diamonds to reach vip4 I purchased a week subscription which was just over 7000 however the vip did not increase by the correct amount. Which means it also didn't increase correctly when I purchased the monthly subscription a day or two ago.

    Hopefully you can fix this your end

    My Facebook is linked to my in game if you can work that out from my forum profile.


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    Send a email to the CS support team with a screenshot of your receipt for the diamonds. After that send a message to the CS Support on the forums of your email and they should be able to check your issue quickly.

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    Do they have a specific email, I couldn't find it on the site.

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    Hello Sandy! The monthly subscription instant diamonds only goes towards the VIP Level, and not the ones you receive daily. I actually asked Zach this question last year in June.


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    yep so if you buy a monthly subscription the only diamonds that go towards your mine are the 1500 or so that you get right from the start. That is what you're "purchasing"

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