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Thread: Zone chat does not work.

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    Zone chat does not work.

    Hello T4F, my guild just told me that in our zone zc- zone chat doesnt work. With gc is everything fine. So I comed here to ask u to fix it please. We want some fun in zc.
    I should get a reward for reporting bug. Because its says if u report a bug u get reward. So I got a picture how it is.
    Please help us quick.
    We are in zone 4 BanderaClick image for larger version. 

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    I reported this over an hour ago and got nothing from t4f not even a reply

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    I think they are not on bro.. thats annoying..

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    If you were in Asia it would work..

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    It doesnt work in lot of zones.... same in my. And my power and HQ to big for.. I cant port to another zone.. T4F should give us some compensasion

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    Zone #96 is out of chat from 3h. Zone chat, guild chat and chat rooms.
    Mail still works, but without chart we aren't able to coordinate!

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    Guild chat is working for some players, but not all. And Zone Chat is out for everyone in Zone 27.. I imagine Tap4Fun may not respond to people's complaints on this issue, as they are probably hard at work on searching the code for the bug.. We just need to be patient.. And we all know they will give us some sort of compensation. They always do....

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    Zone 73 had not been working since before noon eastern time today. Had it this morning but not much after 9:30

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Walkden View Post
    I reported this over an hour ago and got nothing from t4f not even a reply
    Tap4Fun customer service is on during a certain timeframe due to timezone differences. It should be working now, as it is functional in my zone, however I'm unsure of what it is like in other zones. Attempt restarting your game to fix it if it still isn't working.


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    Hello guys! Really sorry for the inconvenience. This issue has been fixed urgently. Please kindly reload the game to have a check. And we will deliver compensation for it. Thanks for your understanding!

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