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Thread: Methods Of Occupying Territory

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    Commander : RikiMaro
    Zone: #119

    Actually unite with higher power take less time to occupy tiles, on NAP time I usually use one March to occupy of 4, so I could keep gathering some RSS by other 3 marches, on occupation Events, I usually push one March with full t3 to occupy with less than 3 minutes .. and other and one with full of cannon t2 .. and 2 other marches I send 1 troops each. Maybe soon enough I could use t3 on all marches 😊😊

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    Territory occupation

    Usually o wait for a occupy event and I'll send 150k troops and occupy for less than 5 minutes on an enemy tile, never had a problem

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    Tasteegirl zone14
    It depends on the hostility lvl during PvP... If no one is watching I'll do a fast flip... Approx. 65 t3 cannon takes approx. 4.5 min... And I don't put my phone down...look away... Nor blink cuz someone can swoop in and hit... Troops lost on tiles are gone forever... If I'm in hive trying to retake tiles I'm on defense using 1 t1 per flip... Takes 2 hrs but at least if someone hits with out scouting I've lost nothing

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    I try to occupy level 5 resources tiels and sending maximum march unit 250k with fake army for littel confession haha
    Bc 250 k unit any one attack he loose unit so not eassy to attack me haha
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    Commander: JamesT

    I use 90000 troops, equal amount of each type 22500 of each,it takes exactly the same time as using 100k of same type. 13 minutes

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    what do you think of Chinese democracy?
    not the question?
    sorry then 😄

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    I always makes extention for guild border. ..90k for 5 minutes

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    How I do it is,

    Send out a mail to the whole guild asking who would like to tile
    Pick an area to tile
    Then I write down everyone who wants to tile with the amount of fast flippers they have
    I give them certain cords to port to
    Then BAM that's how you mass occupy like a team!


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    Port to location in event put about 85K in each March tiles take open tiles 2.25 mins enemy tiles take 4.51 mins

    Zone 35 Devils Fire

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