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Thread: Methods Of Occupying Territory

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    My game name is Evelyn01 and I'm very frustrated as the game keeps freezing and having to reload, it started yesterday 28 the January and still happening, it doesn't do it to any other games I play so could you please sort it out, and I'm still waiting on my shields that I accepted my name then was Cazzy567 please can I have them please been waiting since December

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    I am quite good at occupying tiles and I have only been caught once in a time in the year I have been playing. The secret is to try and not make you tile grabbers an easy target for killers. I send 100k to each tile and always spread out my target tiles so it is not possible for a player to port in and hit them all. Three spaces between each tArget tile and keep your eyes on them during the turning process. Grouping your target tiles together means you have evacuate each one if the hostile appeArs where as spreading them out gives you reaction time to remove the others after clearing the neArest tile first. If you have 4 attacks on route the chances are you will recall 2 or 3 of them in time. My way ensures you can withdraw then in the order they are going to get hit. Ma55murder. #40

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    Depends on if i can watch the whole time i am occupying. If i can, i fill a march and occupy in just over 4 min. If i cannot watch, i put 1 troop out and occupy in just under 3 hours. Z 71 is rough though, you do not leave troops unattended, ever!
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    Send 100k Or More Troops To An Empty Tile Not Very Far From My Base As I Will Be Needing Those Troops.And I Will Activate My Peace Shield.

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    Please stop answering these questions.... it's a trick. They make this longer too. If you guys didn't notice everything is starting to take longer. After they ask for or input.

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    Well there are several ways. But if you are under heavy fire its almost impossible to occupy a territory(almost). You would need to study the enemy. Find their schedule and hope for an opening. Also utilize the event aswell. Ive wondered if you could send out to occupy and if scouted you could recall then redeploy as needed. Ty
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    Pot out 100k marches for quick occupy

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    I'll send 300 troops in to take over a tile it takes a little longer but then if someone gets to stop you, you can surprise them by Reenforcing it with the rest of your troops.

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    Wait until occupy territory is going and take all the territory you can until you get caught

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    Before the time of log menu reset, I send my troops to occupy empty lands to get the rewards.
    Also, before the PVP activity I send them to occupy busy lands to get the acctivity rewards.

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