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Thread: Methods Of Occupying Territory

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    Can't stand tile flippers, So I take back lol

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    Globalement l'occupation de territoire est très importante car elle permet à l'alliance d'assoir son pouvoir sur une zone.
    Elle permet également d'augmenter les ressources disponible à la fois directement mais également au travers de la banque.
    La stratégie de conquête est directement lie à la puissance de l'alliance qui contrôle le territoire
    Il s'agit alors de maintenir son expension face aux autre alliance . La guerre fait souvent rage quand les alliances ne peuvent s'entre sur les zones à contrôler

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    Port and send troops for occupy

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    Go to your field I mean out of your base then click the symbol that like flag on your top screen it will show where is your guild area and outside your guild area you can click it you 1 or more troop to occupine it and wait when it finish it will have letter to you the call back in other gould tile you can do it same but use long time morethan the space that have no owner. Just that you can make your own area and gain more resoruce Name in game starvader zone 132

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    Best way is to take a lesser guilds land. I have 6 marches with 100 k cannons for 6 min time takers with 2 support members to help protect you setting rallies and more of a scare tactic they also help with two marches on tiles. If it comes to all out warfare then others port in and protect the 6 March land taker. This is the only way to beat the other guild retaliation. Strength in numbers . William1 zone 38 Vip 10 hq21 48 million power

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    I flip land only when I'm sure to have nothing else to do than play Invasion. It takes just a few minuts to flip a tile, but, the reaction of other players fan also be very quick. So I'm very careful when doing that but, it's very exciting !!!

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    Moi j'occupe partout ou je peut et j'ai un objectif devenir le premier du territoire en terme d'occupation #107 loic63000

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    Send 1 troops. NO big lose if it gets attacked.

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    Territorium besetzten

    Quartrate anlegen

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