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Thread: Methods Of Occupying Territory

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    I send troops ocuppy territory and i got a faster recolection of resources and recolect all #89 zone Teaker

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    Invasion best app

    Best app I love this game invasion

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    The way I take land is I get a spy into the enemy's Terriory and port on over to that land and then leave with the spy and join my guild and occupy a single spot so I can port my main account and some friends to help occupy! Simple as that. We have groups that gather and groups that occupy, we sort the groups by power and troop counts. We all take a part in it.

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    Il mio metodo di occupazione consiste nel sondare il terreno da conquistare posizionando truppe di categoria di tipo t1 e t2 non pi¨ di 200 x singola unitÓ...Razor #130

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    Subo mi cuartel para tener las mas marchas posibles y ocupo de forma lineal #105 cafetomex

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    the more high-level units have less time occupancy

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    100 k troops and keep an close eye on your tile ! Ghosthead z82

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    Eu para ocupar territorios uso apenas 1 tropa. Demora 4 horas a ocupar mas pelo menos caso exista uma luta apenas perco 1. Fašo isso assim pois dessa forma mantenho o restante armamento para colheitas e lutas

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    More troops each marching troops to make it fast 😇

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